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" I love cinnamon tea – especially when there is a delicious, true cinnamon taste that is both sweet and spicy … just like the spice itself. And this Ceylon Cinnamon Tea from Cinnamon Vogue is a perfect example of what I’m talking about! This is so yummy! " Read more at - SororiSisters

" Cinnamon Vogue specializes in high-quality cinnamon--not tea. This cinnamon tea is the only tea they sell. But after trying it, I doubt I could find a better version " Read more at Teaviews

Teabag smells strongly of spicy cinnamon. Tea liquor smells malty with a subtle hint of cinnamon. - Steepster

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cinnamon tea
cinnamon tea
cinnamon tea
cinnamon tea
PRICE : $12

Experience the magic of a truly amazing Cinnamon tea. Made with high quality Ceylon Tea and Ceylon Cinnamon Bark oil. Instead of inserting tiny pieces Cinnamon bark in the tea bag (not very effective in such small quantities) we infused this tea bag with ultra premium Cinnamon Bark oil which gives it a wonderful aroma and a truly sophisticated taste. That means it has real Cinnamon with zero artificial or natural flavors. No other Tea in the world will come close to the refined taste or deliver the astounding benefits of this Cinnamon tea.

Add some honey or sugar to bring out the flavor even more. A better alternative to coffee and much nicer and more refreshing. One tea bag is strong enough to make two cups.


  • Premium Large Leaf Ceylon Tea - Delivers a refined taste and depth of flavor. This is not the tea dust you get in normal tea bags.

  • Real Cinnamon – Infused with exotic Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil that gives this tea a refined flavor like no other. No oily residue.

  • 20 Max Brew Pyramid Tea Bags (1.41 oz) – Allows the tea the space to brew exactly like large leaf tea without the mess.

  • Zero Artificial or Natural Flavors – You get the real benefits of black tea and real cinnamon Zero additives – No artificial scent boosters or chemical enhancers.

  • Ultra Low Coumarin Levels (Less than 0.004%) – That means diabetics can have this tea with no worries about liver damage and improve their health.

  • Packed in an Alufoil bag for freshness.

  • Strong Quality - One tea bag is strong enough to make 2-3 cups with full flavor and not just provide a darker Tannin infused color.

  • Health Possibilities. Often used for Diabetes Blood Sugar control, Indigestion, Candida, Irritable Bowel syndrome (IBS), boost energy levels, improve alertness, memory retention, bloating and gas, stomach cramps, cancer mitigation, improve digestion, and cholesterol reduction. (FDA Notice)

  • Caffeine content : 30-60mg per cup (8oz)

The first choice for those looking for a refined Cinnamon tea with all it's wonderful healing properties. Diabetics take this tea to control their blood sugar, others take it to alleviate symptoms of Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). This tea combines the powerful anti oxidant properties of real cinnamon with high quality Ceylon tea, World renown for making the best tea in the world.

Because Ceylon Cinnamon has ultra low levels of Coumarin (a substance that can cause liver failure), you can take this everyday without worries on what it will do to your liver. Cinnamon also has powerful disinfectant properties and is a known digestive as well as being an anti microbial and vermifuge, properties that promote good health.


Infused with Cinnamon Bark Oil - This tea does not use natural flavoring or artificial flavoring. Only real Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil, known as one of the most exotic and expensive food oils in the world. The use of high quality Cinnamon Bark Oil in this tea maintains the efficacy of Cinnamon. Natural flavors due it's extraction process maybe stripping the goodness of Cinnamon out.

Premium Ceylon Tea - Cinnamon Vogue Ceylon Cinnamon Tea bags are made from larger leaf high quality BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe) tea leaves. Unlike tea dust used in most tea bags, large leaf tea creates more complex flavors and delivers higher nutritional values and never become bitter the longer you brew them.

Another consideration is to not to add milk to this tea as we strongly believe that the beneficial properties of both the tea and the Cinnamon will be compromised in doing so.

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