Natural Cinnamon Oil Pesticide

All natural Pesticide

Are you a frustrated Gardner dealing with a whole army of pests? This homemade Natural Cinnamon Oil pesticide formula will solve all your problems. Well 99% of it. The only place where you shouldn’t use it is where you want to attract insects that helps the plants, like Bees that pollinate your plants. Ceylon Cinnamon is a powerful natural insect repellant. It messes with their senses and makes them leave. Sure if you use 100% Cinnamon Leaf oil it will kill them instantly. Even 5% will kills them pretty fast. But that will cost you too much money. Besides why kill, when you can just ask them to leave?

Unlike virtually any other natural pesticide, this Natural Cinnamon Oil Pesticide is easy to make. No complicated ingredients and wacky mixing methods. All you need is a sturdy spray bottle with a fine mister nozzle, add water and mix 1% Cinnamon Leaf Oil. You can add 2%, but this may be too powerful. Yes, its’ that powerful (We sell the real stuff that is not blended or diluted) All you need is very little. Putting too much might also burn the plant leaves especially under the hot sun. Experiment and let me know what you results are. Our experiments have yielded extremely good results with the 1% solution.

I got hooked on this Natural Cinnamon Oil Pesticide because of a bunch and squirrels, especially a ground squirrel that ate all my vegetables. I caught the ground squirrel, but there was no way I could catch all the squirrels. Besides I think they are rather cute.  At a distance. I have plenty of Oranges on my orange tree they can eat but eating my vegetables was a bit disrespectful I thought. It’s not like I had a lot of vegetables. But spraying the vegetables once or twice a week worked like a charm. The squirrels kept their distance and insects left in a hurry. The best part is you can eat the vegetables afterwards. It’s nontoxic and safe for us humans.  You might throw up if you drank 100% Cinnamon oil or the vegetables might taste a bit cinnamon or burn in the hot sun if you spray too much. But I am confident us gardeners are sensible people.

But the best part about this Cinnamon Oil Pesticide is its effects on all kinds of fungus. I am sure all of you gardeners know the sheer frustration of fungus and mildew that builds up on your plants. How many hours have spent poring over the leaves, scrubbing and washing the leaves and making all kinds of wild concoctions to arrest the spread of fungus? Blasted worms and all kinds of hangers on! Destroyed my Tomatoes. Well no more! I don’t even have to use my Liquid Copper Fungicide, which is pretty expensive and rather messy to use. Cinnamon has powerful anti-microbial properties that work like a charm on molds and fungus.

I especially like using it on all my indoor plants. Don’t like insects in the house, but you know how they creep up. This Natural Cinnamon Oil Pesticide will stop them dead their tracks. Indoor plants are particularly susceptible to mold because of the temperatures (mid 70°F), high humidity, darkness, and stagnant air. And mold is not great for humans and some varieties are actually toxic to humans.  Cinnamon is safe for humans. It’s doesn’t stain anything. And the best part is the house smells great and the plants stay happy.