Amiigo Fitness Bracelet

amigo_health_braceletImagine a Fitness Bracelet that is water proof, scratch proof, dent proof and has a built in smart phone. A health bracelet that monitors all your vitals like Heart rate, Skin Temperature, Blood Oxygen Levels, Overall Activity Levels, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar Levels and Calories Burned  and then emails the results in real time to your doctor. If your blood pressure gets dangerously high or your blood sugar levels get out of whack because of a night of overindulgence, your Doctor is going to know about it and so is your insurance company. Damn, that’s not good is it?! I can see some people hiring people to wear the bracelet when they want to have some fun. Imagine babysitting a health bracelet? Now that’s whacky?! Of course you are going to need to hire someone similar to your age and health  and hope to God they don’t have a heart attack while you are at the bar. Could you be charged with fraud? Could they treat your bracelet sitter for your health conditions? That could get messy.

But the good news is that this Health Bracelet will carry all your medical data. Yeah your complete medical history including allergies, medical conditions, phobias and whatever details that could make a difference to your survival. If you get into an accident the paramedics and physicians will be able to instantly download your medical data. And more morbidly if you aren’t going to make it, record your last words.

And it has life alert built in. So if you take a fall or fall off a mountain, it will send out a signal. With GPS tracking it will locate you in no time and call you to find out if you are ok. And the FBI will want to why you are next to those Marijuana plants in the forest.

Hey, let’s look at the fun side. This is the ultimate health program. It could make Health and Fitness fun and rewarding. This Health Bracelet provides a personalized fitness tracking experience because it can detect exactly what you are doing and how your body is responding. It can determine whether you’re using the elliptical, running, swimming, doing bicep curls or squats. And it can track & identify different activities and then correlate these activities with physiological information such as heart rate and blood oxygen saturation. And because of the GPS it can even plan various runs or hikes and provide voice commands. Wow!

The Calorie Counter will automatically detect what you have eaten. So forget about cheating because the alarm is going to sound if you ate too much. Damn, talk about a buzz kill. But then you could always move to Zimbabwe and lead a bawdy existence and die early. And quite a few people are OK with it. But if you fear for your quality of life like me, then this is not a bad idea. And you could always take it off for a while so the alarm won’t go off. Oh I forgot about the insurance company. Guess you need to need to hire a bracelet sitter afterall.

And for the truly competitive, it will post your exercise and calorie count regimen to Facebook, Twitter or other social media. You could start your own fitness group and compete against them online. Provided you are not a software nerd who can rejig the system for false information. Then you can do a Lance Armstrong, go on Oprah and admit it all.

The bad news is this Health Bracelet does not exist. But there is a very smart start up called the Amiigo Fitness Bracelet who is making a health bracelet that can do half the stuff we claimed. Now that’s pretty impressive. We just happened to come across it while imagining a Health Bracelet and modified their design with our imaginary cockamamie ideas. The technology to do it does exist right now at MIT and othe places.  Apple or Samsung could do it. But what Amiigo has achieved is remarkable. This is American ingenuity. A small Salt Lake City, Utah startup with a bunch of smart nerds and a ” can do “ spirit. Take a closer at what the Amiigo Health Bracelet can do. We can see it being used in a huge variety of applications. Hospitals can use it to track patients. Drug companies can use it to monitor clinical trials and save thousands of man hours on manual tabulation of data and get real time information. Gyms could buy the Amiigo for customer use.

Amiigo will start delivering these devices in June 2013. This is going to make the best gift ever for a significant other, family or friends. After all the gift of health is the best gift of all. Order it now, because I can tell you this is going to be hot.