10 Best Medical Tourist Hospitals


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If you are not drinking Ceylon Cinnamon Tea and not following a healthy program of diet and exercise, at some stage you are going to need expensive medical treatment. Obamacare is not going to save you. A sudden medical emergency … Continue reading

Coumarin in Cassia Cinnamon


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WHAT IS COUMARIN Coumarin is a toxic, fragrant chemical compound commonly found in high concentration in Cassia Cinnamon, the cheap hard Cinnamon sticks you find at your local grocery store. According to the German Bfr Coumarin causes liver damage. While the … Continue reading

Benefits Of Water


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                  I once knew a man who died from not drinking water. Apparently it’s called hydrophobia or an aversion to any liquid. It is also a key symptoms of Rabies. My goodness! … Continue reading



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Due to a perverse system of intense marketing, people who demand a pill for every occasion and an all too willing medical establishment chasing the almighty dollar and shoddy food production systems we have created an epidemic of superbugs. These … Continue reading