12 Healthy Emergency Foods

12 healthy_emergency_food_1

This is not a list of emergency food supplies. It is a list of healthy emergency food when you have been too tired to shop or just returned from a long business trip. That’s why nuts were not included because you can’t make a meal out of nuts. A can of condensed milk is good for emergencies and will keep you alive, but it’s not really a food is it. We are talking about what you can keep in the house that won’t perish for at least a year. Something you can make a meal out of with whatever is in the house that is somewhat healthy. And this assumes you don’t have anything perishable like vegetables or milk in the house other than spices and oil. And let’s assume you have no power. Just a portable gas stove.

  1. Red Lentils – This high protein food is easy to cook. Even kids love it. All you need is salt and water. Add garlic powder, a stick of Ceylon Cinnamon and tomato to ramp it up. And some canned Coconut milk and light curry powder to make it truly amazing.
  2. Non GMO Rice – If you go to an Indian store you can get some good quality rice like Basmati or Red Rice. It’s expensive but well worth it. Everyone loves rice and non milled rice is a good source of Protein, Iron, Vitamin B and Fiber. Add a stick of Ceylon Cinnamon when you boil rice and it will infuse the rice with the lovely fragrant flavor of Ceylon Cinnamon and all it’s health properties.
  3. Canned Mackerel, Tuna & Brazilian Corned Beef – With some curry powder and a stick of Ceylon Cinnamon you can make a lovely savory curry that goes well with some rice. With Tuna fish, a dash of salt, pepper and Oregano mixed with Pasta will do in an emergency. We don’t like chicken in a can, but corned Beef from Brazil is much better that than the American beef. All you need to do is heat it up with some spices and mix it with some rice or pasta and you are set.
  4. Organic Canned Green Peas, Beetroots, Garbanzo beans – Peas are our favorite because it goes with just about anything. Add to the Mackerel curry and eat with rice. Simple and healthy.
  5. Semolina (Couscous) – Most packaged couscous is considered the instant variety and will cook very quickly off the stove by absorbing a boiling liquid. However, authentic couscous (roughly-ground hard durum wheat) will require significantly more time and a good steaming vessel called a couscoussiére.
  6. Pasta – Look carefully and you can find many high protein lentil infused Pasta’s on the market. And it tastes great. Much better than the plain white Pasta. If you hunt around you can find good quality non GM pasta for a great deal. Sites like this give you great advice.
  7. Canned Fruit – Try to buy cans without any added sugar. We prefer to visit Asian stores from tropical countries, which often tend to have better quality tropical fruit cans with zero High Fructose Corn Syrup.
  8. A bottle of Marmite – This traditional English Marmite paste packs a huge nutrient punch, especially Vitamin B12. If there is an earthquake, a bottle of this and some crackers will keep you alive for days or weeks. This Marmite fried rice recipe is amazing. If you are a student you will understand how this makes a healthy meal.
  9. Kidney BeansCombine with Pasta or rice, some spices and you have a lovely soup like this from our friend Andie whose site ” Can You Stay For Dinner has a great following.
  10. Cereal – A selection of good cereals can make a hearty meal even without milk. All you need is a glass of water so you won’t choke. Of course if you keep a packet of powdered milk, you can have your milk too.
  11. Crackers – Very versatile. Add a sliver of Marmite or spread some Tuna Fish on some crackers with a cup Cinnamon Tea and you have a meal. Try to buy simple plain crackers without any milk products. Good quality organic crackers also taste better.
  12. Canned Cheese – Australian made Kraft canned cheese will keep for a long time and made with much better quality milk than American milk. Mix with Pasta and a can of vegetables to make a hearty meal.