Why GMO’S are a bad idea!

GMOWe all seem to know vaguely that GMO’s are a bad idea. Yet we continue to buy GM food. Given that cancer rates are alarmingly high in developed nations especially the United States, the evidence is clear. GM  foods are a major contributor to the alarming cancer rates in this country. We really need to make a conscious decision not to eat GM food.

Part of the problem is we really don’t know the extent of GM foods in our system (Near 70% in the US verses 5% in the Europe). Its in bread, sugar, milk, vegetables, meat and even on many products are that are labeled organic. Its so pervasive that most people probably shrug their shoulders and say they can’t do anything about it. They have bigger worries like keeping a job or feeding the family. But remember that when you get breast cancer or some other type of tumor. You can make changes in your lifestyle. Baby steps at first. It requires practice and a concerted discplined effort until it become second nature. And going organic does not have to cost and arm and a leg.

The second problem is that most studies done on the subject have been too short. A recent 2 year study from France has astounding implications for what GMO foods maybe doing to us.  Watch this video.

US corporations have proven themselves completely untrustworthy. Remember DDT, Mad cow disease, Salmonella, Asbestos and all the hundreds of mistakes?

Instead of focusing on curing cancer, maybe we should focus on preventing it? The big drug companies have no interest in preventing cancer. The money is in curing cancer. And not consuming GMO’s maybe a good first step to get away from the Industrial Food behemoth. Wonder if the CEO of Monsanto eats only organic. I would love to find out!

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